We founded Producor with one objective: Help sales professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs take a step away from the myriad daily distractions so they can create a simple, actionable business strategy.

Confused by all the competing theories, terminologies, and processes? We distill these down into an easily digestible approach that allows for broad application regardless of your position, tenure, or industry.


Our founders bring more than 40 years of combined business experience across a variety of platforms, including marketing, strategy, operations, and training.

John Chrisbens

John Chrisbens

John Chrisbens began his career in the outdoor industry at Intrawest Retail Group as the Director of Sales and Marketing. John was responsible for all sales and marketing activities for 45 ski and snowboard rental/retail stores in eight states, managing an annual marketing budget in excess of $12 million per year. He concluded his outdoor marketing tenure at Colorado Ski Country USA as the Director of Sales and Brand Development, working with the presidents of all Colorado resorts and the Colorado Tourism Board to promote, protect, and extend the brand that is Colorado skiing and snowboarding.

For the last 14 years John has worked in residential real estate. Having sold more than $170 million in real estate, John is among the top 1% of real estate agents in the country based on sales volume.

Alex Cole

Alex Cole

After graduating from Chapman University in Orange, California, with a degree in Leadership and Organization Studies, Alex kicked off his career working for VisionMaker Worldwide, a firm founded by a group of former executives of the Walt Disney Company. During his tenure with VisionMaker, Alex served in a variety of roles, including conceptual, operational, and financial strategies for theme park developments throughout the world.

In 2008 Alex had the opportunity to move back to Colorado and serve as the Director of New Business Development and Feasibility for Spa Strategy, a global hospitality consultant.

In 2010 Alex purchased an Allstate Insurance agency and has since turned it into one of the largest exclusive agencies in Colorado.

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