I’m new to my industry, am I too inexperienced for Producor?
No! The Producor approach applies to business professionals across a wide spectrum of professions and experience. If you’re new, we can help ensure you get started on the right path. The process starts with building a simple, executable business plan, then we pull in your peers to create a community of professionals to ensure your continual success, and eventually you’ll realize you’d be lost without us!
I’ve been in business for 10 years and I have all the answers, I don’t need Producor do I?
Yes you do! Experience got you where you are today, but it may not get you where you want to go tomorrow. If you are stuck in a rut, we can help course-correct, if you have become complacent we can help with a new perspective. We all think we have all the answers, but revisiting your plan, getting an outside perspective from other like minded professionals, furthering your education and receiving referrals is never a bad idea.
I have something like this that my company/industry offers, do I even need Producor?
Yes! Producor was not designed to replace existing company training or coaching, rather to complement it. The Producor model offers consistent peer collaboration in a group setting, from professionals representing a variety of industries, which offers each member a new perspective on the business hurdles we all face. This approach, often absent from any company training, offers a unique perspective beyond the narrow scope of your industry. Combined with the opportunity to generate referrals, Producor is positioned to be a complementary tool to your success, not compete with or replace your existing training.
I already have a plan, can I just join the groups and skip the business plan seminar?
Unfortunately no, and here’s why: for one we want all Producor members to be working from the same business plan template so we can help keep you on track, report on your progress, and garner feedback from your peers. Secondly, history proceeds you…most, if not all, Producor members have some version of a plan that needs some tweaking, if not a complete blow-up and restart. Trust us on this one, we’ll make you a better plan!
My industry/business doesn’t necessarily lend itself to referrals, why would I join Producor?
There are four components to Producor: Strategy, Accountability, Collaboration and Referrals. Some members profit from all four, some two or three, but all profit. People join Producor because they are in dire need of a business plan to get them on the right track, others need to be held accountable to the goals they set for themselves, some gain the knowledge necessary to excel through peer collaboration, the sharing of challenges and how to overcome them, and finally, others receive referrals, adding directly to their bottom line. Producor was specifically designed with this in mind, to take dedicated, focused professionals and provide value to them consistently based on their needs, regardless of where they are in their professional development.